CV – Work Your Road


How to prepare your CV

General information: 

  • your name and contacts (yes, some people forget to add their phone or email:). Don’t forget to add country prefix to your phone number, especially if you apply for an international vacancy
  • your location and your age
  • languages that you speak
  • your availability (when you could start) and your geographical availability
  • your studies with dates
  • your job experience with dates
  • any special skills that you would like to highlight


  • Prepare your CV in word or PDF or any other format but, never in jpeg or other non-incopiable formats. Why? HR manager will have to copy your name and other data to submit your CV to the company’s database and to make a short introduction about you. So, either you will be asked to provide your CV in another format or even probably your CV won’t be proceeded.
  • Adjust your CV to the position if you are asked to. Adjust your CV even if you are not asked. At least check if there is any referral to a previous job offer you applied for, and delete this info.
  • If you are asked to provide your CV in English, don’t send it in Spanish or any other language.