Who we are?

Who we are?

Welcome to Work-Your-Road! 🙂

We are a friendly team  of professional recruiters and nice people who enjoy their job, and we would like to help you to find a job that you will enjoy too (at least a little bit).

Our recruiting team collaborate with different companies in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, UK, Czech Republic and some other EU countries. Our candidates come from across Eastern and Western Europe, speak Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Polish, English, Arabic and many others languages, they are interpreters, salespeople, IT developers, designers, nurses, customer service advisors, IT analysts, teachers and have many other amazing skills.

At this web we will be publishing the latest job offers from our clients, and also assist you to avoid some common mistakes in preparing yourself for the interview. Or at least help to not making huge mistakes, only small ones :). Or at least to make less mistakes, not so many 🙂

Nice to meet you and you are welcome to ask any questions via contact form.