How to survive at work… – Work Your Road
How to survive at work…

How to survive at work…

… if you don’t like it.

There are many advises like “leave it and find a job of your dreams”. But in many cases its possible only in a perfect world. So here are some tips how to manage the situation:

  • Don’t take it personally. It’s only a work, so treat it as a work. 
  • When you go out of work – just forget it. Enjoy your day, your family, place where you live, your hobbies, whatever you are able to enjoy.
  • Don’t talk about your work at home or with your friends.
  • Don’t stay at work after work.
  • Learn what you can learn at your current job. Think of what this job can teach you.
  • Be grateful for what your job gives you – resources to live, new friends, new experience. There’s always two faces of the same coin, so try to see and to take the advantages of the good one.
  • Take your time to adquire new skills required for your “dream” or “better” job.
  • ..and keep looking for a new job 🙂