Before interview – Work Your Road
Before interview

Before interview

Before interview go for a walk and sleep well.

  • Check web page of the company you are applying to. At least remember its name and what they are doing:)
  • READ the job offer before! If the job offer says “We offer a translator position in Lisbon”, and during the interview you are asked “would you like to move to another country?” – don’t ask “to which country?”
  • Get ready to respond simple questions like “tell me about yourself”. You cannot imagine how many people cannot respond to this easy question. Sure, if you are experienced seller or a cool developer, nobody will ask you this kind of things. You will be offered a job directly with min salary 10000€ net/month + commission, and the employer will be begging you to work with them. But if you are not any of these, then get ready to respond this kind of questions.
  • If you are contacted via mobile job app or you are chatting with the recruiter via WhatsApp, then even a short chat is a kind of an interview, so don’t treat the recruiter as he was your fellow on FB. Don’t tell him/her “hello pretty”, as if you are the 10th person in 1 hour who is doing that – and you have very high probability to be rejected immediately.
  • If you cannot attend the interview – let them know! If you were not able to attend and to inform – let them know your reasons after and apologise. Even if you are not very interested in this job. Even if you already have another job offer. Be nice and polite, and don’t waste other people’s time. The world is small, you never know what other offer might this recruiter/company have for you now or in future. And even if you never see/hear him again – be nice and polite. Being not nice with no reason creates a haos that will be back to you anyway.


  • Get ready to respond to questions about your previous experience and why you would like to change a job/country
  • Never say bad words about your previous employer
  • Think which your skill could make your a good or unique candidate for this job. What could you offer this company? Why they should hire you?
  • Think what in this job offer makes it attractive for you?
  • Think what questions you will be asking about the position and (in case of relocation) new city or country

And again – before interview go for a walk and eat and sleep well.